Hein Severloh

WN 62: A German Soldier’s Memories of the Defense of Omaha Beach


WN62 A German Soldier’s Memories of the Defense of Omaha

Heinrich Severloh’s moving autobiography and Service memoir describes the greatest amphibious landing-operation in history, which on D-Day marked the beginning of the decisive campaign of the Second World War. When in the dawn of June 6, 1944, the Western Allies opened their offensive against the Atlantic Wall on the coast of Normandy, with 7,000 ships and 1 3,000 airplanes, Severloh, the machine-gunner who became the German most feared by the Americans, was posted at Strongpoint WN62. He fired atthe G.I.’s on the beach with his machine gun and rifle for nine long hours – more than 2.000 of them were takendown.

In a moving and unsparing account, Heinrich Severloh describes the dramatic hours during which 34,000 G.L’s landed in his sector of what later was called „Bloody Omaha“, and met with the hard-fought resistance of only 300 German soldiers. Severloh, the young farmer’s son from the Lüneburg heath, survived a firestorm, as bizarre as it was terrible, that stamped the rest of his life. Many internationally-known military historians, as well as the press and television, have immortalized Severloh in the history of warfare. Until the publication of this sad confession, Americans had never known the name of the one who, in large measure, caused the landing to become this awful slaughterhouse..

This memoir, in collaboration with Helmut Konrad Baron Keusgen, a writer for military history, is an extremely thrilling factual account with precise descriptions of the immediate area of the assault. It provides an additional point of view of the events of this dramatic day, and presents the relations of the French and the Germans in a different light.. It is told with violent emotion and unvarnished truth. Severloh clarifies uncompromisingly spurious moral values and ideologies, and questions hitherto prevailing official Statements.

„The German counterpart to Saving Private Ryan. The horrorofthe murderous fight on a small stretch of beach is described in unvarnished terms.”

Cellesche Zeitung


„Historically significant by reason of the unique point of view of a front-line soldier, who is directly involved – whereby some questionable views will have tobeadjusted.“

Steel Masters


„This book should be compulsory reading in all schools and barracks.“



„WN 62 is much more than just the 6” of June ’44; it is a fascinating and compelling life-story.“

Kai Pabst, Journalist


„The most moving thing I have ever read on this subject. Congratulations to Mr. von Keusgen, the ghost-writer!“

Hans-Joachim Loewer, Journalist